INTERMAT GROUP SA maintains a quality assurance and management system in the formulation of anti-thermal & anti-infrared camouflage coatings and coated materials and the formulation of paints

INTERMAT GROUP SA follows strictly all required protocols & regulations and owns all certificates needed to execute its business. Our products and production are fully compliant to the latest ISO and environmental standards.


The aim of each of our customer is to increase the survivability rates for their infrastructure and personnel.

INTERMAT GROUP SA will have fulfilled its mission when the customer have achieved their goal of safeguarding their infrastructure, stationary or mobile, from locating by electro-thermal means.

We develop and offer only the highest quality products and services.

We can be your strategic partner !

Trust INTERMAT GROUP SA as your strategic partner and benefit from:

  • Our Extensive Range of Products
  • Our Innovative Products
  • The excellent value for money
  • The Branding
  • Before & After Sales Technical Support
  • The Human Resources
  • Our experience


  • Innovation
  • Modernization of Equipment
  • Perfect Staffing
  • Correct Business Relationships
  • Production Quality
  • Satisfied Customers

Developing & expansion of facilities to new markets - Joint Venture Capability

Our company is interested in developing and expanding with new facilities in new markets in different parts of the world. Enabling this development through collaboration is one of our options.

Contact us if you would be interested in our cooperation.