A GHILLIE suit powered by Intermat's Stealth Technology allowing you pass undetected against night vision, thermal sensors and ground surveillance radars while approaching enemy lines..

It is made of the multi-spectral fabric “Stealth Cloak” which is an advanced material that protects againts Visual,Thermal/IR & Radar sensors and weapon systems.

"Stealth Cloak” is a flame resistance impregnated fabric that has inbuilt anti-radar protection as part of its contruction.
The fabric has excellent mechanical properties and resistant to tearing. The fabric is printed with our anti-thermal/IR paints - Inks formulation to give Visual, Thermal/IR performance from 0.8 - 14 μm. It’s a unique and advanced product which can be used as a 2D camouflage net or suit for special ops personnel.


  • Outstanding performance in Thermal/IR & Radar Cross Section (RCS) attenuation.
  • Light weight, Thin and Flexible.
  • Very durable with superior mechanical properties.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Easy for application.
  • Can be engineered to meet end-user specs i.e. size, design, pattern, performance.
  • PHANTOM OF WAR reduces drastically the range of detection by Visual, Near-IR, Mid-IR (3-5), Far-IR (8-14) Sensors and Ground Surveillance Radars (GSR) so that user's silhouette is no longer visible when seen through an infrared, thermal imaging and GSR equipment.


GHILLIE Suit 2021

"PHANTOM OF WAR" GHILLIE Suit is an all-weather, state-of-the-art signature concealment system that provids multi-spectral protection for snipers, scouts and reconnaissance teams designed by Marines, engineered and built by Intermat.

  • Easy removable hood
  • Two pockets, one on each side for storing
  • Loops for attaching vegetation to blend better with background
  • Tighter belt system
  • Comprises of a jacket, pants, hood and face shield and is worn as an overgarment.


  • The soldiers are protected against EO/IR Imagers and their detection is drastically reduced.
  • The fabric is breathable with reduced stiffness while various types and camouflage patterns can be produced.
  • Fabric weight can be as light as 60 gsm and can be as effective as other much heavier systems since its performance and effectiveness is derived by INTERMAT stealth paints and not by thick and heavy materials for insulation.

Special Operations personnel can extremely benefit from this thermal/IR countermeasure; INTERMAT suits are treated with the Low Observable Stealth anti-thermal/IR coatings making you invisible like "Phantom of War" while you "OWN THE NIGHT".