INTERMAT has developed a state-of-the art product, the "CHAMELEON SKIN©" which comes in the form of a WRAP FILM of top 3M quality which provides all stealth capability ready to be applied by any military personnel as easy as "peel off - stick on - stealth ".

Once applied, no attention required, no extra weight added, no conflict to onboard sensors or vehicle’s mobility. Available also in MAGNETIC WRAP FILM ROLL for unlimited use, fast and easy attachment and removal on any metallic surface!

CHAMELEON SKIN is highly customizable, supplied in pre-cut sheets of 30cm X 50cm & rolls of 1m X 1.5m for super fast and easy application. It is available in multiple camo patterns such as:  

Urban, Arctic, Woodland, Jungle, Rocky, Desert, Forest, etc., and in zone tone (one-color) of Sand, Green, Brown, Tan, Black, Grey, Blue, White, etc.

As a roll it can be applied directly as a one-piece or can be cut in different shapes and sizes in order to create custom camouflage patterns and various combinations of colors. It is a must-have add-on gear for any peacekeeping operation forces deployed in different operational environments and need to change their platforms' pattern by repainting them.

Our stealth anti-thermal/IR paints are already applied on “CHAMELEON SKIN©” so no need for any special surface preparation or any expertise required for the application and stealth capability is instanstly on after application.


Now you can change camouflage (from desert to forest and vice versa as per the environment of your deployment) & get Intermat stealth capability supressing the thermal/IR signature of your platform (tank, carrier, or other) very fast and effectively by using our multicolor or one color (zone tone) decals. 

  • Our rugged and fast applying adhesives have the same effect as our anti-thermal/IR paints.
  • Ideal for temporary or permanent concealment mission.
  • Great for use on acquired assets in the field, with the ability to return the equipment back to the original state in no time. These Appliques can be applied by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
  • They can be customized in different designs, colors and patterns suitable for any operational environment.
  • Ideal for Special Forces personnel operating behind or close to enemy lines carrying non-camouflaged equipment (radios, life support, etc.)

Camouflage, Concealment and Deception on the go!


Chameleon skin is a Stealth Wrap Film, a multi-layer cast adhesive backed film for full wraps manufactured as per international standards using fire retardant materials.

  • It is provided in 30cm x 50 cm sheets and rolls of 1m X 1.5m for fast and easy application on any surface.
  • Solar reflective with cooling effect and drastic reduction of internal temperatures
  • Weightless, durable, easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning
  • Easy and very fast installation and removability
  • Temperature range after application: - 53 C to +107 C
  • Resistance to mild alkalis, acids, salt, fuel spills and exchellent resistance to water
  • Available in custom patterns of woodland, desert, rocky, urban, arctic and one-color (zone tone) patterns.

User can change camouflage i.e. from Desert to Forest and vice versa, and get INTERMAT STEALTH mode on the spot; just "peel off - stick on" and GO STEALTH!

Beyond our ready-made camouflage patterns, our decals are fully customizable to meet user's requirements.


  • A unique solution to instantly deploy MOTS/COTS (water tanks, computer equipment, communication equipment etc.) and make sure that the MOTS/COTS material does not disturb your thermal signature.
  • Suitable for weapon systems, military assets, equipment where camouflage painting or use of other camouflage means is practically impossible: optical instruments (e.g . laser range finders-optical instruments, radios),portable weapon systems (MANPADS, antitank weapons, portable systems, etc).

Under our own operational studies, CHAMELEON SKIN stealth wrap film is a fit solution for:

  • Special Forces Units (they have constantly to adjust to various operational environments and sometimes behind enemy lines).
  • Reccon Units (they have to keep a close contact with enemy but it is essential to pass unnoticed)
  • Units that are equipped with specialized weapon systems and cannot use other camouflage means (nets, etc) and/or have to move constantly in Operational Area (e.g. shoot and scoot units-no time and personnel to allocate for camouflage nets deployment).
  • Small assets (radio stations, portable range finders, heavy guns tripods and parts) that are affecting heavily the thermal signature but camouflage solutions are not applicable.
  • Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) vehicles (e.g. civil vehicles that military finds appropriate for use) or materials and equipment (portable computers, generators, Bergen bags etc) that normally no serious camouflage is provided. With CHAMELEON SKIN any COTS material is ready for deployment. 

Check demo at below link in our Media Video Gallery: