An invisible to the enemy Anti-Missile Shield for your critical infrastructure

Intermat Low Observable Stealth Coatings protect strategic infrastructure from missile threats, effectively, affordably, reliably and above all always “alarmed” against missile threat.

Our high tech paints protect and increase the survivability of valuable assets against enemy’s EO/IR sensors and heat seeking warheads and missiles.

We manage to break the “lock-on” by enemy’s heat-seeking missiles and hence our product is a passive force multiplier for friendly forces.

The application can be made on any surface i.e. metallic, aluminum, plastic, fabric, building, tarmac, cement, etc.

It is a permanent countermeasure ready to be applied and integrated onto:

  • Oil refineries and installations
  • Oil pipelines and Oil tanks
  • Airports, airfields
  • Water tanks or water facilities
  • Power plants, etc.

Our coating system is not a radar system or an anti-missile array weapon deployed at your facility.

Our solution it is something invisible that does not provide a militarized image to your facility.

We are able to provide highly customized cost-effective solutions and actually add an extra layer of defense to valuable and strategic infrastructure.