You can "OWN THE NIGHT" by using our unique and unmatched technology in a simple form of stealth anti-thermal/IR coatings, that protects your assets and strategic infrastructure from EO/IR threats - effectively, affordably, reliably and above all always “alarmed” against detection and targeting from missile threats (anti-tank, cruise, drones, UCAV, etc) .

INTERMAT paints are applied on military vehicles of all types, military installations and strategic infrastructure, such as hangars/shelters, air-fields, bunkers, oil and gas installations, missile and radar sites, communications and command & control and more.

In Modern Warfare conflicts, all systems in battlefield are susceptible to thermal/IR sensors and imagers and consequently threats. Even insurgents have access even to handheld thermal imagers nowadays.

Targeting systems are getting highly sophisticated and the ONLY way most end users are trying to defeat them is to build stronger armor against the ammunition.

A high number of casualties are connected to this reality.

  • “KILL chain STARTS with TARGET Acquisition
  • “THERMAL sensors are nowadays a KEY element of TARGET Acquisition process

Whoever the enemy is there is a critical common denominator. That denominator is the target recognition technology. This technology is one and is used by all of the smart weapons systems whether they are produced in the east or in the west.

Our stealth technology is coming to cancel the effectiveness of those smart weapons systems.

INTERMAT stealth paint is the modern protection solution to high tech surveillance and targeting systems. We provide an “apply and forget” solution just by applying our paint on the platform.

INTERMAT stealth technology integrates high Stealth Mobility and high Stealth Capability in an all-in-one combat-proven weightless camouflage system: The utmost camouflage protection that warfighters, vehicles, weapon systems and assets can have.

Our Low Observable Paint is a thermal/IR reduction paint. Easy to apply and can be used with existing equipment/spray guns. Available in:

5 – 10 – 20 Liters Cans

Aerosol Spray Cans (400 ml)

  • Paint is available in multiple colors which can be custom mixed to meet the customers’ requirements from Camo to Color.
  • Our paint can be applied with a standard sprayer or, for small touch ups and quick concealment it is available in aerosol cans.
  • Our paint applications are endless, from Vehicles to Equipment and Buildings, even on tarmac!

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"Close combat on sensor-rich battlefields of the future will be faster, more violent and intensely lethal unlike anything any of us have witnessed."
-Gen. Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

Nothing could describe more accurately modern warfare and stealth becomes more valuable than ever.

Stealth technology, also called low observable technology is a set of  techniques & materials to decrease visibility of military objects. the essence of stealth technology in infrared is to control and modify certain physical characteristics of an object in order to keep them balanced or to create new signature, best suited to actual background (tactical) situation.

Stealth in wartime must be a combination of techniques & materials resulting in reducing the thermal contrast between  a platform and  background ΔΤ can be decreased thus lowering the probability of platform's detection and allowing to reduce the distance at which military platforms can be detected by electromagnetic systems, especially EO/IR systems and threats.

Insurgents, in modern Theatres of Operations are increasingly attacking security forces using thermal/IR imagers and sensors combined to heat seeking missiles either stolen from state troops or bought on the black market.
Commanders now worry that this new equipment used by insurgents against security forces puts them in a situation imposing lethal consequences.
With this new battlefield visibility insurgents have quadrupled nighttime attacks according to various military sources.
Advanced equipment, such as thermal/IR imagers, handheld or even attached to a common mobile phone, is being seized by other extremist groups in other global conflict zones.
Additionally to widespread thermal/IR imaging capabilities, heat seeking missiles and warheads also a serious threat against lives, military infrastructure and equipment.

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Our Innovative Technology: New Threats, New Defenses

An anti-detection & anti-targeting technology that protects your military assets and critical infrastructure against EO/IR weapon systems such as anti-tank missiles, missiles, drones, Thermal Imaging Sights (TIS), FLIRs and more.

INTERMAT Low Observable Paints are in full compliance with STANAG 4319: "Counter Surveillance Requirements for Main Battle Tanks - Infrared/Thermal Aspects 1.9 - 14 microns waveband" with the objective to minimize DT platform / background and consequently minimize detection and to degrade performance of heat seeking anti-tank missiles.

Our stealth paints have been successful on extensive and exhaustive tests and evaluations in the field around the world in various environmental harsh conditions with temperatures ranging from minus - 25º C  to plus + 55º C and on different backgrounds & terrains (forest, desert, rocky, snowy, jungle, bushy) against the most modern EO/IR Observation & Targeting Weapon Systems (man-portable & platform-based) those operate both in the 3-5 and 8-14μm waveband.

  • Battlefield / Warfighting Usage: Defeats Modern EO/IR Sensors / Target Acquisition Systems.
  • Our special high-tech paints protect and increase the survivability of valuable assets against enemy’s EO/IR sensors and heat seeking warheads and missiles. We manage to break the “lock-on” by enemy’s heat-seeking missiles and hence our product is a passive force multiplier for friendly forces.
  • Our stealth technology is coming to cancel the effectiveness of those smart weapons systems.

INTERMAT stealth paint is a product that performs in many sectors besides the anti-thermal/IR field.

Product features and characteristics are:

  • Ease of Application (Spray Gun Paint)
  • Real Stealth Capability in NIR-MIR-FIR waveband (0.7 - 20 microns)
  • Solar Reflective / High UV-radiation resistance and extreme weather conditions endurance and durability
  • Maintenance Free
  • Apply over standard pants or Chemical Agent Resistance Coatings (CARC)
  • Full Vehicle Mobility
  • Robust, effective & leading edge result
  • Available in ALL military hues
  • Ultimate Protection

INTERMAT Low Observable Stealth Coatings minimize Kill Probability against:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles reconnaissance and hit
  • Thermal Seeking Warheads / Thermal Sensors Detection
  • Anti-Tank Missiles (ATM), Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM),
  • Anti-Tank Guided Weapons (ATGW)
  • Air to Ground and Ground to Ground Missiles that use EO/IR sensors

More than that, the range of weapons and sensors is highly increased as painted platforms can approach closer to enemy’s lines and reach deeper in enemy’s territory.
Proven in combat, INTERMAT Stealth Technology Coatings once again provide the absolute solution against modern lethal threats in a low-cost & force multiplying package.

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INTERMAT can develop and produce the whole range of military colors and hues as per customer requirements.

We have developed numerous colors and hues. Indicatively you can find herein some of them: Green / Light Green / Dark Green, Brown/Light Brown/Dark Brown, Grey/Light Grey/Dark Grey, Black, Champagne (Undyed Hemp/Sand), Beige, Light Stone, Middle Stone, Naval Blue / Light Naval Blue, and so on.

Due to the different technology we use and the special formulation of multiple ingredients therein, Intermat  LO Coatings  are  very  close  matches  to RAL and FS  595  color coding systems however are not strictly conformant to them.

Intermat color range