"Ultimately...Small differences in lethality will likely matter less if one tank is able to see the other while the other cannot detect at similar ranges. The tank that can find,target and hit the other from the longer range is likely to prevail in any kind of war engagement" according to defense editor for the National Interest, Kris Osborn in his comparative analysis "Here's Why the U.S. Army M1 Abrams Might Destroy the Russian T-14 Armata" on Dec 22, 2022. 

Our low observable paint covers vehicles' IR signature meaning vehicles' heat signature. Obviously, if a vehicle has a less detectable heat signature it would be less visible to a sensor that homes in on heat. The type of sensors found on an enemy drone, UAV or a heat-seeking missile ( ATGMs, ATMs,).

The temperature discrepancy between the target and its surrounding is enough for the computer of ATGMs to lock on for a weapon launch. Our special paints are defending the people inside combat vehicles and buildings since if they can't be seen and they can't be sought out by missiles, they can't be hurt.

By reducing the heat signature we save lives, and it also keeps a vehicle cooler inside protecting sensitive instruments which could also be a lifesaver.

Masking a tank's thermal/IR signature makes it difficult to both detect & target it. An Intermat painted tank is degraded to a low-grade blurred target that fades into the background clutter and gets very hard to be detected and engaged.

The lethality of ATGMs is increasing at a much higher rate than the ability of platforms to defend themselves. the only real way in terms of armour to protect against ATGMs is to basically make the vehicles heavier. There's not a lot of ways of protecting the vehicles better using new materials affordably. You just have to stap more armour or more ERA on.

Modern threats require modern countermeasures while the golden rule of survivability still demands not to be seen and if seen not be engaged.
It’s far better for the warfighter to rely on passive defense layers than being obliged to make use of weapons and active countermeasures.

See the modern battlefield. Smart munitions.  Unmanned drones.  Infantry soldiers packed with electronic sensors. Armored Vehicles and Tanks on these battlefields will be pitted not only against other tanks and vehicles, but also against unmanned aerial vehicles armed with heat seeking smart missiles and autonomous ground triggered smart munitions.

"Additionally, more types of ATGMs are being fitted to infantry carrier vehicles and robotic combat vehicles, making their lethality more widespread amongst frontline forces. This shows the general direction of travel for ATGM capability - these weapons will remain the most feared by tank formations on the battlefield for the foreseeable future."

At the same time, increased guerrilla-based warfare and the predominance of air superiority will mean that the humble tank or Armored vehicle could easily become an easy target.
Obsolete fabric-based solutions such as camouflage nets or covers, are not of this century: heavy, susceptible to tear, cover vehicle’s or weapon systems’ hatches and sensors, demand operator’s attention and soldiers’ valuable time to deploy. Slow, heavy and insufficient!


Using our paints, you can minimize thermal/IR signature and you achieve to neutralize adversary’s detection, engagement and targeting capabilities.

As a consequence, adversary’s effective maximum ranges for target acquisition and weapon delivery are drastically reduced while friendly weapon systems ranges are exploited to the maximum. Ultimately, targeting range and accuracy of sensors will determine the superiority of competitors in combat theater. Small differences in lethality will likely matter less if one tank is able to see the other while the other cannot detect at similar ranges.  

An INTERMAT stealthed platform is degraded to a low-grade blurred target that fades into the background clutter very hard to be detected and engaged.

You see first, you act first and engage adversary at your own terms

Survivability is the key to win battles

Survivability starts with “Don’t be Seen”

Only INTERMAT stealth coating system will provide you with such a Stealth capability. Successful concealment means reducing the exposure distance thereby increasing survivability and lethality of your asset.

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Masking a tank's thermal/IR signature makes it difficult to both detect & target it!

INTERMAT Stealth Technology Coating is the modern potection solution to high tech surveillance and targeting systems. We provide an "apply and forget - coat and protect" solution just by applying our paint on the platform.

  • Conceals the heat emitted from the platform and deceives sensors
  • Detection ranges are drastically reduced by up to 90+ % 
  • You see first, act first, and engage the enemy under your own plan
  • Your forces can approach closer and fire first; a sustainable advantage
  • Survivability rate is drastically increased
  • Thermal/IR silhouette is highly suppressed
  • Adversary's capability to engage and lock-on is minimized
  • Ease of application - commercially available spray gun paint, minimal PPE required
  • Available in 2 versions: STANDARD 1K - life span 2-3 years and SUPERIOR 2K - life span 5+ years!

Of course, technical, environmental and safety standards are met. But, what we validate more is our exhaustive field testing results portfolio under the toughest environmental conditions and some of the strictest military authorities around the world.

That's our most competitive credential- the battlefield proof.

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