Our Technology: An Anti-Missile Shield for critical infrastructure – Countering Air and Missile Threats

Paints can be applied almost anywhere such as buildings, depots, hangars, airfield taxiways and corridors, fixed anti-aircraft systems, air condition units, and on surfaces such as concrete /cement, plaster, bricks, and asphalt (alkaline surfaces).

No Air Defense System - no matter how complicated may be - is absolutely safe. ECM capabilities of modern warfare, multiple (salvo) missile launching that "floods" friendly radars, gaps in radar coverage or even failures in Air-Defense System components may allow a percentage of missiles penetrate friendly Air-Defense/Anti-missile "umbrella". A multidimensional attack is hard to SURVIVE.

Missile’s "Go-Onto-Location-in-Space (GOLIS) guidance systems", which is broadly used in missile technology for fixed/stationary targets, may be:

  • Inertial (INS)
  • GPS, or
  • Even more complicated (for example Terrestrial system including photographic or topographic recon) are shifting during the terminal phase of trajectory to: Infrared Homing (the most common practice) above the target area in order to perform the final approach stage of the track/trajectory and achieve a warhead event (explosion) on the most "hot" target within target area.


Intermat’s paints act as a "last resort" countermeasure for the particular phase of the missile’s track/trajectory (the Infrared Homing phase) since all other systems have failed to keep missile away from target area. Intermat’s paints manage to keep "cooler" or similar to the ambient temperature the facilities that friendly forces have decided to hide and enhance in combination to friendly decoy plan the survivability rate of friendly installations.

  • Application on the widest base possible, as no other form of anti-thermal/visual camouflage could cover square miles of strategic infrastructure
  • Paint is always “alarmed” as it performs on a 24/7 basis. No devices, no personnel involved once applied, no “downtime” due to failures or malfunctions
  • Compatible to already deployed Air-Defense or Anti-Missile systems
  • Fast applied solution
  • The ONLY camouflage solution that works at the highest STRATEGIC level as it practically alters the visual and thermal image of HUGE areas and may be integrated with friendly deception plans



Attack operations target the following components of enemy air and missile capability:

  • Air and missile unit C2 nodes/centres
  • Aircraft on airfields and in shelters
  • Fixed and mobile launchers
  • Airfield runways, taxiways, and underground facilities entrances
  • Major C2 (Command/Control) facilities
  • Operations and maintenance facilities, equipment, and personnel
  • Logistic support (e.g., fuel storage, munitions depots, electrical power generation and transmission)
  • Target acquisition systems
  • Transportation infrastructure