About us

INTERMAT GROUP SA is a market leader in low observable paints and materials for defense applications established in 1998 and has developed an innovative anti-detection and anti-targeting technology adopted by many governmental and private entities.

Our Stealth Technology Coating System (STCS) has undergone extensive and exhaustive Lab and field tests and evaluations. Our production is carried out under the highest standards, in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance provisions.

INTERMAT GROUP SA management team consists of people having successful business presence for 23 years. The management team is supported by an innovative, experienced,  highly valued and skilled team of:

  •  Scientists
  •  Ex-military
  •  Engineers
  •  Technicians

The market to which INTERMAT refers is the defense of each country. Our core business objective is to minimize assets’ (vehicles, weapon systems, critical infrastructure & buildings) and personnel thermal / IR signature, so enemy forces on ground and in the air are not able to pinpoint them through EO/IR Imaging Systems, Sensors and heat seeking missiles.

We work closely with Defense, major contractors, research institutes, governmental and state and local actors, creating a network of knowledge and relationships.

Now that electro-thermal/IR technology is growing rapidly and targeting is easier, INTERMAT‘s products are more necessary than ever.

Our company is an active and official supplier for NATO 's logistic agency NSPA and for US Government through SAM (System Administration Management) site.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 9 (max) - Products are already in Service and Combat.

Manufacturer 's Readiness Level (MRL): 10 (max) - Products are deliverable under the highest quality level available.

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Company profile

INTERMAT GROUP SA is pioneer in Stealth Coatings for defense applications and has also developed Solar Reflective paints "COOLPaints" series, which are advanced energy saving paints for commercial applications.

Our Stealth Technology Coating protects and increases the survivability of valuable assets against enemy’s EO/IR sensors and heat seeking warheads and missiles. We manage to break the “lock-on” by enemy’s heat-seeking missiles and hence our product is a passive force multiplier for friendly forces.

We are able to provide highly customized cost-effective solutions and actually add an extra layer of defense to valuable military and strategic infrastructure.

INTERMAT core technology is the stealth technology coating (paints) applied on various forms (paints, decals, suits, fabrics, etc).

With our products and technology, we minimize enemy forces real-time capability to target friendly assets by detecting them and we acheive to increase survivability for troops and platforms.

Being active in this field for 23 years now, we have gained a leading position in stealth/camouflage defense market providing our end-users with customizable state-of-the art products and solutions.

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Our Objective

Our core business objective is to research, develop and produce Low Observable Paints which minimize military assets (vehicles, weapon systems, critical infrastructure, buildings, personnel) thermal/IR signature.

We have succeeded in making available the most advanced technological achievement of electronic and thermal-type camouflage coatings. A knowledge that is tried, tested, and proved for the last decade.

Our stealth paints have been developed after many years of research and development. Our constant effort for proved effectiveness is verified by our close cooperation with many international institutions. Countless measurements and tests are taking place both in Greek (National Technical University, Centre of Renewable Energy Sources (CRES), Greek MoD) and International laboratories (British “BRE”, German “FPL”, foreign Ministries of Defense). Through this process of testing and evaluation INTERMAT ensures that every recommendation and suggestion is designed for our customer’s individual requirements and lives up to their expectations and our promise. In addition, further performance tests are conducted that specifically relate to their customized order.

But most importantly, research is more than just testing, we do not define research as being a mainly chemical procedure consisting of chemical substances, bottles, equipment, and researchers. Further to the strict technical measurements, certifications, and ISO compliances, research is more of a process of input and feedback, experimentation and vision. We employ a team of chemical engineers, advisors, and military experts, who play an equally important role by proactively contributing on ways to improve and achieve results tomorrow that may seem hardly feasible today. Therefore, research is also a process of business development, where we listen attentively to our customer’s concerns and views. After all, their objective is of the utmost importance.

Production facility is based in Aspropyrgos Industrial Zone, Athens, Greece equipped with modern machinery and equipment to carry out the production,  evaluation,  testing and Quality control requirements for our special materials. 

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Company History

All started back in 1989. The idea was to create a simple and effective solution in a simple form – a paint, a coating as we prefer to call it – that would act both as a visual and anti-thermal camouflage mean. An “APPLY AND FORGET, COAT AND PROTECT” solution. After years of in-house research and development INTERMAT SA had successfully attained what felt like “a technology from the future” back then.

The idea became a mature product: coatings – our “Chameleon Series” - that when applied minimize and in some cases eliminate any vehicle’s or even building’s thermal signature. But it is not only this: INTERMAT owns the technology and the expertise to effectively adjust on customer’s operational and tactical expectations. Our technology is characterized by flexibility yet effectiveness as in Chameleon’s natural camouflage ability.

We firmly believe that the key to success is our constant support we provide to our customers. This philosophy has strengthened our processes so that we are now in a position of effectively serving our customer’s interests. Through this process we respect each country each cultural difference; because concerns differentiate, and different concerns apply to different regions. Offering an option to customize and fine tune our customer‘s order, sets INTERMAT at the forefront of this new era of Thermal Signature Management. Because likewise our coatings, we also adapt to each requirement so that we can serve our customer better.

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