Ultra-durable stealth coating in matte finish with quick dry time within a few minutes, which adheres to almost any surface or substrate, including metal, plastic, wood and vinyl.

First of its kind packed with unmatched technology!

Product Features

All Stealth in an Aerosol Spray Can:

  • Anti-detection & anti-targeting spraying paint protecting against surveillance & targeting acquisition systems and sensors.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYONE can apply, even common Soldier
  • Applicable directly on top of already painted surfaces with military or standard commercial paints
  • Instant application on gear & equipment
  • No special equipment or protective measures needed
  • Fast and super easy application
  • No surface preparation required


  • Multi-spectral responding to NEAR IR, MID IR (3-5), FAR IR (8-14) ranges
  • Fast applied on any surface including PVC fabrics
  • Simple use with no specific preparation or equipment
  • Instant Stealth capability after application
  • Cans under pressure contain 0.4lit of material and are able to cover two square meters or 13 square feet in seconds
  • All military colors with matt finish of Desert, Sand, Tan, Olive Drab, Forest Green, Mud Brown, Black, Grey, White, Blue, etc.
  • Applicable on gear and equipment made of metallic, plastic, PVC fabrics, etc.

Shifting from VISIBLE to INVISIBLE!
Our AEROSOL SPRAY CAN designed for PVC (Polyester & Nylon) surfaces and fabrics can switch your standard Ghillie & Sniper Suits & your Camouflage Nets in our stealth mode just by overspraying our aerosol spray can on your suit & your camouflage net or cover without any other specific preparation or application equipment and instantly get the INTERMAT Stealth mode! 

Check demo at below link in our Media Video Gallery:


Spray Can Application