INTERMAT GROUP SA maintains a quality assurance and management system in the formulation of anti-thermal & anti-infrared camouflage coatings and coated materials and the formulation of paints

INTERMAT GROUP SA follows strictly all required protocols & regulations and owns all certificates needed to execute its business. Our products and production are fully compliant to the latest ISO and environmental standards.


Our paint covers combat vehicles' IR signature.You can think of it as the heat signature. Obviously, if a vehicle has a less detectable heat signature it would be less visible to a sensor that homes in on heat. The kind of sensors that might be on an enemy drone or a heat-seeking missile (ant-tank, etc.).

We're defending the people who are inside the Humvees or inside Combat Vehicles or inside the buildings. We're defending their lives. If they can't be seen, and they can't be sought out by missiles, they can't be hurt.

Something that lessens the heat signature would save lives. It also keeps a vehicle cooler inside and hence protects sensitive instruments, which could also be a lifesaver.

Already in theater and proven the last decade, Intermat stealth technology provides the absolute solution against modern threats in a low-cost-force multiplying package.Modern threats require modern countermeasures while the golden rule of survivability still demands not to be seen. It's far better for the warfighter to rely on passive defense layers than being obliged to make use of weapons and active countermeasures.



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Developing & expansion of facilities to new markets - Joint Venture Capability

Our company is interested in developing and expanding with new facilities in new markets in different parts of the world. Enabling this development through collaboration is one of our options.

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