INTERMAT GROUP SA maintains a quality assurance and management system in the formulation of anti-thermal & anti-infrared camouflage coatings and coated materials and the formulation of paints in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

INTERMAT follows strictly all required protocols & regulations and owns all certificates needed to execute its business. Our products and production are fully compliant to the latest ISO and environmental standards.

INTERMAT GROUP SA has been nominated as NATO approved company since 2004 and official supplier for NATO’s logistic agency NSPA and an Approved US Government Vendor (SAM).

We are also members of Hellenic Defense Association of Greek Manufacturers and of various organizations relative to our business and of course, due to our long-term experience with GCC countries we are also members of Arab-Hellenic chamber of commerce.

We have a long-term experience accumulated for 25 years in the field of stealth/camouflage business and this experience is an added value passing through our interaction with our customers.

So, we can always offer what is operationally modern and quality exceptional. Our work-flow, from planning to production and from application to life-cycle support, is very flexible and designed to respond to any customer’s needs and requirements.

Additionally, showing exceptional performance in the fulfilment of its contracts, INTERMAT has received from numerous customers relevant certificates of achievement and successful completion.

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Actual application of the technology is in its final form and under mission conditions, such as those encountered in operational test and evaluation.

Our technology is being used under operational mission conditions.

The maturity of manufacturing readiness is 10 (max).

Engineering/design changes are few and generally limited to quality and cost improvements. System, components or items are in rate production and meet all engineering, performance, quality and reliability requirements.

All materials, manufacturing processes and procedures, inspection and test equipment are in production and controlled to appropriate quality level.

We have invested in modern infrastructure, capable to develop, produce, evaluate and deliver high-end products to our customers around the world. Equipment is state-of –the art, ensuring in all stages the quality for our user.

We say that what we offer is “More than a paint” not only for our unique product but for the total quality and support we are able to offer.

We have all necessary components to execute our mission worldwide offering the flexibility of a medium corporation along with confidentiality and quality

Basic principle and commitment of INTERMAT is to provide to its customers products and services that fulfill their contractual requirements, comply with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and also achieve the quality objects set for each contract.

To achieve the above mentioned INTERMAT Leadership:

  • Has adopted a Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) iaw the international standard ISO 9001:2015, which is implemented throughout the company and in all of its activities that have impact on the quality of its projects and the customer satisfaction.
  • Develops a company's business development plan taking into account internal and external parameters (swot analysis). Reviews and improves continually the characteristics of its products, when this is possible, as well as the effectiveness of its processes and thus of the Quality Management System as a whole.
  • Sets measurable quality objectives in company level, in department and/or process level as well as in project level. These objectives are established and reviewed as to the point of achievement during the Management review of the Q.M.S. by the Leadership and at the end of each project, respectively.
  • Provides the resources needed for the unobstructed, effective and efficient operation of each department of the company.
  • Invests in the continual training of its staff so as they enhance the Quality in all of their activities.
  • Monitors, measures and evaluates critical parameters and processes, in order to ensure Quality objectives achievement.

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INTERMAT takes into consideration the increasing importance of environmental protection and is committed to meet the customer requirements while promoting sustainable development through effective management of natural resources, reducing environmental impacts and continuous environmental monitoring of its activities.


The company is committed in the framework of an overall environmental protection philosophy for the implementation of actions that have the following main application areas:

  • Implementation of an Environmental Management System according to our environmental contractor’s international standard ISO 14001:2015, aiming to continuously improving the environmental performance of the company.
  • Compliance of all company's operations to the relevant European and national laws and regulations.
  • Rational use of natural resources, energy, raw and auxiliary materials in production processes, while maintaining the quality of its products.
  • Reduction, with a view to minimize where possible, of liquid, solid or gaseous effluents.
  • Analysis of the environmental impacts before the adoption and introduction of new production processes and products.
  • Continuous training, education and encouraging all employees to actively participate in improving environmental performance.
  • Information of the company's partners (customers, suppliers, contractors, government agencies, etc.) for the company's commitment to eliminate its environmental impacts.
  • Systematic measurement, monitoring and evaluation during the implementation of environmental policy principles.

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