A GHILLIE suit powered by Intermat's Stealth Technology allowing you pass undetected against night vision, thermal sensors and ground surveillance radars while approaching enemy lines or behind...

It is made of the multi-spectral fabric “STEALTH CLOAK” which is an advanced material that protects against Visual, NWIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR & Radar Sensors & Weapon systems such as anti-tank missiles (ATMs, ATGMs, ATWs) heat seeking missiles, UAVs, UCAVs, DRONES, loitering ammunition, Thermal Imaging Sights (TIS), FLIRS.
"STEALTH CLOAK” is a flame resistance impregnated fabric having excellent mechanical properties and resistant to tearing. Fabric is printed with our stealth Inks formulation to give VISUAL, NIGHT VISION, THERMAL/IR & RADAR protection capability. It is a unique and advanced product which can be used as a signature cocealment cover or as a GHILLIE suit delivering drastic reduction of the heat signature and radar cross section of the covered platform and personnel.

A platform or person covered by Intermat Stealth Cloak & Phantom of War suits is degraded to a low-grade blurred target that fades into the background clutter having identical emmisions with its surrounding and consequently  concealed against advanced weapon systems, aiming-observation systems and surveillance-recognition platforms making hard to be detected and engaged by antitank missiles (ATMs, ATGMs, ATWs) UAVs, UCAVs, DRONES, FLIRs, loitering ammunition,Thermal Imaging Sights.


  • Outstanding performance in NWIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR & Radar Cross Section (RCS) attenuation.
  • Light weight, Thin and Flexible.
  • Very durable with superior mechanical properties.
  • Solar reflective with cooling effect and drastic reduction of internal temperatures.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Easy for application.
  • Can be engineered to meet end-user specs i.e. size, design, colors, performance.
  • PHANTOM OF WAR suits reduce drastically the range of detection by VISUAL, NWIR, SWIR, MWIR (3-5), LWIR (8-14) Sensors so that user's silhouette is no longer visible when seen through an infrared, thermal imaging (and GSR) equipment.

STEALTH CLOAK fabric is supplied in tailored shapes, dimensions, colors and in rolls for customization by end-user at his preference.

U.S. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger has stressed the importance of reconnaissance and counter - reconnaissance capabilities and in his report "Force Design 2030" states: "The hider - versus finder competition is real. Losing this competition has enormous and potentially catastrophic consequences. This makes success in the reconnaissance / counter-reconnaissance mission an imperative for success."

Gen. Eric Smith, assistant commandant of the US Marine Corps, referred to the psychological element of fear and uncertainty and said: "You never know when you're being tracked by an eye in the sky that's just waiting for the signal to strike. And you have to drop your signature. If you're seen, either because you radiate, or because you're physically seen, you're targeted almost immediately."

So, SEE - WITHOUT BEING SEEN is an imperative nowadays for surviving & winning on the modern sensor-rich battlefields!



"PHANTOM OF WAR" GHILLIE Suit is an all-weather, state-of-the-art signature concealment system that provides multi-spectral protection for snipers, scouts and reconnaissance teams designed by Marines, engineered and built by Intermat.

There are TWO Models, the Anti-Thermal/IR  ATGS-17 Model and the Anti-Thermal/IR & Anti-Radar MSGS-18 Model.

All models comprise of a jacket, pants, hood, face shield and are worn as an overgarment.

They have been designed by Marines / Special Ops and provide the following features:

  • Easy removable hood
  • Two storing pockets one on each side 
  • Loops for attaching vegetation to blend better visually with environmental surrounding 
  • Tight belt system


  • An all-weather, advanced signature concealment system that provides multi-spectral protection against NWIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR and Radar for snipers, scouts and reconnaissance teams.
  • Fabric is breathable and impregnated by our stealth formulated inks in multiple colors and camouflage patterns.
  • Ultra-lightweight PONCHO & SNIPER Suits at 0.6 kgr and GHILLIE Suits at 1.5 kgrs.
  • Provide drastic THERMAL/IR suppression derived by the application of our stealth paints and not by thick or heavy materials used for insulation.

Special Operations Forces can extremely benefit from such concealment system getting  invisible like "Phantom of War" while "OWNING THE NIGHT".

Check demo at below link in our Media Video Gallery: